Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm back! :D (Just a post with a lot of songs)

Sorry about the long absence! I don't have any good excuses so I'll just get right to the music.
I got a cool idea for a post. One song from each of my spotify playlists (or most of them). I'll write the name of the playlist and a little about each song. Hope you enjoy the music :)

Playlist: Random
Song: Hevein - New Hope
A very beautiful instrumental from the Finnish thrash metal band, Hevein. It makes very good use of the violin and cello and they mix brilliantly with the acoustic guitar.

Playlist: Power Metal
Song: Twilightning - Gone To The Wall
This is a Finnish band as well. The intro riff is what got my attention. It's really awesome guitar work all over it. The vocals are quite good too.

Playlist: Metal Ballads/Slow songs
Song: Céline Dion - Taking Chances
Celine Dion has a great voice, which is the main reason that I listen to her. I also like the lyrics. The music is good for supporting her voice and lyrics, but nothing spectacular.

Playlist: Melodic Death Metal
Song: MyGrain - Killing Time
MyGrain is very much awesome. I'm now discovering that a lot of awesome bands are Finnish.

Playlist: Technical Death Metal
Song: Decapitated - Spheres Of Madness
This band is from Poland. I like the rhythms and basically all of the music. 

Playlist: Guitar Music
Song: Al Di Meola - Mediterranean Sundance
This is beautiful and impressive at the same time. Al Di Meola has great phrasing and the guitar tone sounds great. 
I'll end this post here because I need sleep and I also need to go to work in 7 hours. I hope you like the songs :)


  1. Decapitated come from my city. :) Well, actually I live 100 meters from that city (Krosno, Poland).
    I'm very proud of that fact. :)

    Good to see you back, man. :)

    1. That's awesome! :) It's good to be back :D

  2. Al Di Meola is fuckin' awesome. And, like Greg said, it's always nice to see some Polish accents.

    1. Yeah, he is. And yes, there's a lot of great metal from Poland (I've only heard a little bit of it, but still)