Sunday, May 27, 2012

Elias Viljanen feat. Tony Kakko - Kiss of Rain

Artist: Elias Viljanen feat. Tony Kakko
Song: Kiss of Rain

This is from Elias Viljanen's third solo album, Fire-Hearted. He's got Tony Kakko as a guest vocalist, which is great because Tony Kakko is an amazing singer. 
The song is really cool. It has some awesome guitar work in it, which is to be expected. Viljanen wrote both the lyrics and music. Based on this song I think he's quite good at writing songs.
Tony Kakko's voice is great and mixed with Elias Viljanen's rhythm guitar tone it sounds awesome.

I hope you like it :)


  1. Awesome guitar work INDEED! :D
    pretty cool combination and Viljianen seem talented. But one thing, Kakko is not just an amazing singer, he is THE amazing singer! :P

    Also if you haven't already, you should check out the Apocalyptica - I dont care feat. Tonny Kakko. Too bad Adam Gontier got the cd recording though... :/

    1. Yeah, you should check out the rest of the album! :)
      I'll still say he's AN amazing singer, because he's great, but there are several singers that I really like so that would be unfair to them. :p
      I'll check that one out. Thanks for the tip! :D