Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween! :)

I haven't been blogging this weekend because I wanted a break from it. I didn't have the best internet connection either, but the main reason was that I just didn't feel like it :p
Now for the (hopefully) interesting stuff:
As the title suggests, it is Halloween today. On that occasion here are some songs that I think are fitting for this day, for various reasons.

Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah
They have to be here. Just look at their awesome costumes! And the song is really cool too.

Helloween - Halloween
The perfect song for today. Just look at the title and read the lyrics. It is shortened very much to make the video. The original album version is over 13 minutes long.

Flow - Re:member

At the start of the video you might be wondering why I have this in the Halloween special thing, but just watch the video and you will see that they have costumes. :)

King Diamond - The Family Ghost

This song is from the "horror album" Abigail. The lyrics makes more sense when you listen to the whole album. 

Avantasia - The Toy Master
This is the last song today. I had to finish of with my favorite :) Not only is this a song by Avantasia, but Alice Cooper, whose theatrics fits Halloween quite well, sings in it as well. His voice is perfect for this song.

That is all I have to offer for today. I hope you like the songs and have a happy Halloween :)

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