Thursday, September 22, 2011

Allen/Lande - When Time Doesn't Heal, Ballad

Another day, another song, another day. It might be a little late on the day, but here it is.

Artist: Russel Allen & Jorn Lande
Song: When Time Doesn't Heal
Album: The Revenge

The guitar at the beginning is beautiful (I'm starting to over use that word) and sad. Both singers are great, but I personally like Jorn the most.
There's more power to it later in the song with drums, bass and electric guitar. Speaking of guitar, there's some lovely soloing going on.
The lyrics are also sad, so it's really kind of a sad song. Here's part of the lyrics once more:

"Now a single soul is crying
When the world around is dying"

I hope you like this song :)

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