Monday, August 8, 2011

Edguy - Robin Hood, Heavy Metal

Lyrics are not online yet. Will post a link when i find them.

This is like a bonus post. I love Edguy so i just have to post their newest song :)

Artist: Edguy
Song: Robin Hood
Album: ^ (Single)

I am looking forward to the album now more than ever. This is a really great song. If you like it I reccomend listening to the full 8 minute version. I like every single part of the song, so I won't go much into that. Edguy has once again managed to make an awesome metal song and mix in a little humor as well (Listen to the last line of the lyrics at 4:43) The video is funny as well. As for the new album, it will be great! I can't wait.

Bewareth, he may be after you. (If you don't comment, that is) Bewareth!

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