Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Edguy - Life And Times Of A Bonustrack

Artist: Edguy
Song: Life And Times Of A Bonustrack

I just thought I'd post a fun song today and what's more fun than Edguy? Edguy brings comedy into metal, while still making great music, which I think is awesome. This song is one of the few Edguy songs with only piano, which I think Tobias does a great job on. The lyrics are simply brilliant. It sends a message and makes fun of the music industry, while not sounding serious at all. 
The last part is perhaps the best. It's what makes me laugh the most at least. 

I hope you like it :)


  1. one of my favs by Edguy, so beautiful yet so meaning xD well yeah let em keep the great stuff ^^

    1. Yes, it's very deep and philosophical... Especially the last verse :)