Thursday, May 31, 2012

Christina Canavati - Unstoppable Moments

Artist/Composer: Christina Canavati
Song: Unstoppable Moments

This is a new composition by Christina Canavati, a pianist and composer whose youtube channel I'm currently subscribed to. If you like it, click on the link to the channel and subscribe.
I'm no piano expert, but I'm going to try to be intelligent and make it seem like I have a clue what I'm saying anyways.
I like the dynamics in her playing. She sometimes goes very suddenly from playing forcefully to quite light (or the opposite), which I think sounds great.
It starts off in C minor (if I'm not mistaken), then at 1:33 she modulates it to C major (again I'm not sure). I really like that modulation. The contrast of major and minor is nice.
I think it's a beautiful composition.

I hope you like it :)

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