Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Symphony X - When All Is Lost

Artist: Symphony X
Song: When All Is Lost

This song has many really good elements. From the intro, with beautiful piano, played by Michael Pinnella, and vocals, by Russell Allen, backed by strings. Then the transition to the guitar riff with some brilliant drumming by Jason Rullo. 4 minutes into the song it goes back to just piano and vocals for a little while before building up to the first guitar solo, which has a beautifully complex rhythm and a great melody. 
Michael Romeo is the guitarist and also the composer. 
The second guitar solo is beautiful and it has some cool tricks thown in too. The third guitar solo is first insanely fast with a great dual guitar harmony melody in the end. Michael Romeo is an amazing guitarist.
The song doesn't have one boring moment, even though it is over 9 minutes long. Between the beautiful melodies and dynamics of the song, Russell Allen's great voice and Michael Romeo's solos this is easily one of my favorite songs by Symphony X.

I hope you like it :)

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