Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bullet For My Valentine - Tears Don't Fall

Artist: Bullet For My Valentine
Song: Tears Don't Fall

This is one of my favorite songs from this band. The video version is over 1 minute shorter than the album version, which can be heard here.
I really like the way the verses and the chorus contrast. You get a taste of that contrast in the intro as well with the clean guitar right before Matt Tuck screams "Let's go".
The bridge leads nicely in to the guitar solo, which is also shortened in the video. 

I hope you like it :)


  1. Replies
    1. Can I ask why you hate them? I'm just curious.

    2. Their music seems to be gay a little bit for me. You know, those vocals sound like the guy is crying or something. Like it was a mix of emo, screamo and a tiny little bit of metal. It just get on my nerves. ;)
      Also maybe it's partially cause of their fans. They think they're so metal and that kind of crap, while their music and metal music have nothing common. :)
      The only song I accept by Bullets is "Hand of Blood". It actually kicks ass (but those vocals still makes me nervous). :D

    3. I don't really get your point. I mean, I can see that they're screamo (and a bit emo), but it sounds like metal to me. (At least the heavier parts)
      But you have your opinion and I have mine :) Taste in music is after all very individual.
      And yeah, "Hand of Blood" is another one of my favorites by Bullet.

  2. I really enjoy this song. It's my favorite by the band too, and I've actually written a post on it, that I was going to publish after the holidays! Liked the part where you mentioned the contrast. I totally see what you mean! :D
    - The Unseen And Unheard

    1. Well, contrast is important :)
      You better get on with posting it then, because I want to read it :)