Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bon Jovi - Runaway

Artist: Bon Jovi
Song: Runaway

Although the album was released in 1984, "Runaway" was written in 1980 and recorded in 1982 by Jon Bon Jovi and a group of studio musicians. It won a contest on a local radio station for the best unsigned band and became a hit in the summer of 1983. 
The keyboard intro is awesome. And it rocks even harder when the guitar riff is added. 
Jon Bon Jovi is not one of the greatest rock singers in the world for nothing, which he proves here with that great voice. I especially like those high notes at the end. In live versions Jon, also being the rhythm guitarist, usually does a short guitar solo at the end instead of the high notes. 

Now, because it's really awesome, here's Edguy doing a live impromptu cover of "Runaway":

I hope you enjoyed it :)

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