Sunday, February 5, 2012

Instrument of the Week - Drums

I got a request to start doing this again, so I'll try to do it every week again from now.
This week it's drums. From the pounding bass drum to the bright sound of cymbals. Here are some of the best drummers of the world (that I can find):

I'll start it off with Neil Peart (Rush). He's considered by many to be the best rock drummer in the world. From creating a great rhythmic feel in Rush songs to playing interesting, musical and impressing drum solos.
Here he's doing a drum solo on Letterman:

Then from another great rock band The Who we have Keith Moon. His energetic drumming was part of what helped The Who be so successful.
Here he is playing a drum solo using one of his drums as a goldfish bowl:

Now going in the direction of something slightly heavier. From the band Dragonforce, here is Dave Mackintosh playing Dragonforce's song "Heroes Of Our Time":

Next is something even heavier. George Kollias from the death metal band Nile playing their song "Aeons Of Burning Gallaxies":

Now a jazz drummer. And one of the best too. Buddy Rich doing a drum solo in 1978 including a part where he only uses the drumsticks:

Then something quite funny. Steve Moore (The mad drummer) who became quite famous after this video:

And finally a personal favorite of mine. The greatest one armed drummer in the world, Rick Allen from Def Leppard. Here's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" in 1988 with a small speech by Joe Elliot about Rick first:

That's all the drummers I've got for you. Hope you like it :)

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