Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dragonforce - Through The Fire And Flames

Artist: Dragonforce
Song: Through The Fire And Flames
Album: Inhuman Rampage (Get the album on Amazon)

This is the song that helped Dragonforce the most in getting known across the world. It's a great song. Melodic, enercetic and it has more than enough guitar solos. 
Now that ZP Theart has left the band and Marc Hudson replaced him. They are working on a new album, which, according to Guitar World, will be more about the guitar and a bit similar to Sonic Firestorm (The band's second album)
I'm looking forward to hearing how good Marc Hudson is. He must be good if they chose him over all the others who auditioned. Here's a little taste of his singing.
Here are some of the other singers who auditioned:
- Matt Rain (Matej Valiska, singer in the band Ravenclaw)

I hope you like it :)

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