Monday, November 14, 2011

Symphony X - Sea Of Lies

I'm in guitar mode today, so I chose this because of the guitar solo.

Artist: Symphony X
Song: Sea Of Lies
Album: Divine Wings Of Tragedy (Get the album on Amazon)

Musically Symphony X is brilliant. They're all great musicians. The riffs are really cool. There's an awesome bass line at the start, which the guitar then doubles. It creates a really cool effect.
Russel Allen starts to sing and he has that awesome voice that he uses. The guitar riffs continue to be awesome (I told you I was in guitar mode). 
The last thing I will talk about is the guitar solo, which is the main reason why I like this song. (And that's saying something, considering how great the rest of this song is). Michael Romeo does this really cool string skipping tapping arpeggio lick (Yeah, me knows music theory :p). And if that isn't enough he also does more amazing solo stuff. Actually, I'll just include a video of him so you can see for yourselves.


I hope you like it :)

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