Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Avantasia - The Tower

Lyrics are in the video. I thought I should do one of the longer avantasia songs, so here we go:

Artist: Avantasia
Song: The Tower
Album: The Metal Opera Part 1 (Get the album on Amazon)

The intro is played on piano, with strings in the background and it's just brilliant and beautiful. Then Tobi comes in with: "Where do I gooooooooooooo..." leading into the heavier part of the song. I won't describe every thing that goes on in the song, although I'm tempted to do so. It will suffice to say that I think this is an amazing composition by Tobias. After the spoken part in particular there is very much awesomeness going on instrumentally.
The singers in this song are: Tobias Sammet (Gabriel), Michael Kiske (Lugaid), Andre Matos (Elderane), Timo Tolkki (Voice of the Tower), Oliver Hartmann (Pope) and David DeFeis (Jakob).
I don't like the fact that David DeFeis only has that spoken part at the end, because I really like his voice. "Serpents In Paradise" is the only song he has on the album in which he really sings, but I think he is brilliant there. All the singers are, of course, excellent singers, but David's voice really stands out in that song.
The lyrics are part of the story that is told in The Metal Opera. I won't explain it here, but feel free to get the album. It's highly recommended. You can also get the story from wikipedia.

I hope you like it :)

I'm thinking about putting links to Amazon to the albums of the artists I write about, so that you can just click from here if you hear something you like :) And I will earn some money from it as well if you buy something :p

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