Friday, September 30, 2011

Shinedown - Simple Man

I apologise for posting a bit late today. The reason for that can be seen (or heard) here. Basically I got carried away and spent way too much time making that and it's now 4 A.M and I'm going to sleep now goodnight :)
There is a video for this song, but I can't show it in my blog. You can watch it here.

Artist: Shinedown
Song: Simple Man
Album: Leave A Whisper

I like this song because it is calm, but it has some intense parts as well. I like the acoustic guitar melody and that is actually the only instrument playing throughout the song. The singer is a good singer, so I like the singing.

I hope you like the song :)


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  2. While ballon shaped speakers are quite cool they really do not have much to do with this post. Please refrain from advertising in the comments, thank you.