Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Within Temptation - Ice Queen, Symphonic Metal

Artist: Within Temptation
Song: Ice Queen
Album: Mother Earth

This song is sung by Sharon den Adel, who is a great singer. The lyrics are inspired by nature. Winter in particular. I think they really capture how powerful nature is.
The video seems a bit strange to me. It seems like Sharon is supposed to be the 'Ice Queen', who it seems to me is a personification of winter.
Instrumentally the song is solid. Nothing extraordinary, but they provide good backing for Sharon's singing. I like the symphonic elements. You can really see metals classical roots there.

"The world now opens its eyes and sees
The dawning of a new day"

What did you think of the video?


  1. Great song, didn't quite understand the music video, but it don't matter that much to me, I guess. Anyway, good description of the song, I find it hard to express my feelings about the song AND sound smart at the same time, but you nail it every time! Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you for commenting :)
    To understand the music video is not important. Perhaps some of the beauty of it lies in the fact that we can't understand it. (That is one of the themes in ICP's song "Miracles", which i did a post on earlier)
    And who needs videos when there's awesome music anyways.
    The fact that you think I seem smart is quite confusing to me. All I do is write the things I like about a song.
    Once again, thank's for commenting :D

  3. Well said, as always! ;)
    It will come to you if you actually study on my blog, how many freaking times I've used the words "great" and "good". I guess it's because English isn't my mother tongue. Anyway, you don't seem to use such simple words, and it makes you sound smart. It's a good thing, it makes me want to read more of what you think. :)

  4. English isn't my mother tounge either, you know ;)
    By the way you've used the word "great" about 15 times and "good" 8 times. (Yes I had nothing better to do :p)
    I'm happy to hear that you want to read more. Luckily for you, I will be posting more so that kind of works out :)
    To be kind of smart once more: It is maybe smarter to be able to express oneself using only simple words, rather than to have a need for unnecessary complex words.