Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tevin Campbell - I 2 I

I just got a bit nostalgic. Today it's a song from A Goofy Movie. (My favorite movie at one time). I remember being amazed by this song when I first heard it. I still think it's quite good :)

Artist: Tevin Campbell
Song: I 2 I
Album: A Goofy Movie soundtrack.

The main synth riff is simple, catchy and has a good melody. It makes the song stand out, from the rest of the songs in the movie at least, and is one of the reasons why this was the highlight of the movie for me. I also like the sound of Campbell's voice and the lead guitar melodies throughout the song.

"If you're ever lonely, stop. You don't have to be"

Have you ever watched that movie?

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