Sunday, August 21, 2011

Instrument Of The Week - Bagpipe

Yes, you read correctly. A whole post of bagpipe music. I really like the sound of bagpipes, but for some reason many of the people i know don't. Bagpipes have been used to make much good music. The most well known is perhaps the use of bagpipes in the AC/DC song "It's a Long Way To The Top".
So here's some great bagpiping (I don't know if that's a real word).

First some bagpipe rock from Prydein:

And here is some bagpipe comedy from Johnny "Bagpipes" Johnston:

To finish this of, some bagpipes in a perhaps more classical sense. Here's Flower Of Scotland accompanied by pictures of Scotland's beautiful nature:

I hope that by this I got some more people interested in bagpipes. Most of the bagpipe stuff I like isn't on youtube so I didn't include that.


  1. Kult! Du burd fortsætt med instrument of the week