Friday, July 22, 2011

Top 10 Metal/rock covers of pop songs

Here is, as the title says, my top 10 list of pop songs covered by metal bands. This is a interesting mix of genres that can lead to quite good results sometimes. The list is as follows:

10: Brujeria - Marijuana (Original by Los del Rio - Macarena)

9: Audiosmog - Dragonstea Din Tei (Original by O-Zone)

8: Twilight Guardians - La Isla Bonita (Original by Madonna)

7: Children Of Bodom - Oops I Did It Again  (Original by Britney Spears)

6: Cradle Of Filth - Temptation (Original by Heaven 17)

5: Lillasyster - Umbrella (Original by Rihanna)

4: Firewind - Maniac (Original by Michael Sembello)

3: Avantasia - Lay All Your Love On Me (Original by ABBA)

2: Elvenking - Heaven is A Place On Earth (Original by Belinda Carlisle)

1: Northern Kings - Take On Me (Original by A-Ha)

Hope you enjoyed the list. Northern Kings has several more pop covers if you want to check them out. Please comment and all that :)

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